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 Sun Chair


Proudly made in the USA


SUN CHAIRS  new hammock chairs  Sale  


Lahaina   Small basic chair  Sale

SUN CHAIR Hammock chairs, an American original

 Our New Anatomically designed large and medium hammock chair has the back support not possible in smaller chairs. This unique concept allowed us to design in armrests, attached foot rest, adjustable pillow, beverage holder and a sunshade. We also hand-spliced 60' of Dacron rope to develop a uniform harness that allows you to recline into a hammock position in seconds. For added strength and durability, we use the finest solution dyed polyester material in our seat area, and hemlock wood, making this the finest hammock chair ever made. An added plus is that  both Sun Chairs are hung from one rope and one point, this allows easy placement anywhere.

Compare all Hammock Chairs to our unique anatomically designed Sun Chairs for total back support.  We are different from other types of hanging chairs that are on the internet.  Sun Chairs are the most comfortable on the planet Earth bar none. Made in the USA, from raw materials to the handcrafted workmanship.

Lahaina - Standard Model

This hammock chair design dates back thirty years and is a classic 3-pole design also made by other companies throughout the world due to it simple layout.  We've refined the design over the years with improved materials for strength and durability.

Try one of our unique hammock chairs, you will not be disappointed.

 Sun Chairs   hsc@hawaiiansunchairs.com