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Q- I was told that spinning and excessive swinging was not recommended Why?

A- Sun Chairs are designed as an alternative to hammocks, not playground equipment. Excessive Spinning and swinging will prematurely  wear out your rope that you are hanging from. We have grand-children as well, but remember it’s the heavier adult that will fall to the ground.

Q-What size hook do I need?

A- We use 3/8×4 1/2″ “J” screw hooks on our portable display stand at events

Important: pre-drilling a hole with a bit half the diameter of the shank of the screw hook. Screw hook until you see threads disappear into wood, then continue for an additional 1/2″

Q- Where can I hang my chairs

A- Around the house, all house’s have rafters, these are cross members that spaced 16″ throughout  the structure(they support the ceiling inside and Covered Porches and Patios).  The newer stud finders seem to work well in finding the  rafters

Q- What about a portable metal stand

A- There are many different types of stands out there but not all will work with our chairs, there also limitations to them(may not be able to move around as much as you would want). The height needs to at least 7′ feet high, the base should be large enough so not to topple over.